of a Biblical Zionist
in The Promised Land:
(and other Bible Lands)

    A trip to Israel isn't just a trip into the past, to see the places where God did awesome things thousands of years ago.  It's also a trip into the very center of equally awesome things that God has been doing much more recently, and is continuing to do today.  It's often been said that the single most common topic of prophecy in the entire Bible is the promised restoration of the nation of Israel in the "last days".  It is happening now!  Israel officially became a nation again on May 14, 1948.  This Biblical restoration is still in process today.
    The Bible repeatedly detailed each step in the history of the Chosen People before it happened.  God promised them a specific area of land that was to belong to them forever.  God warned them that because of disobedience to His Word they would be temporarily uprooted from that land and scattered all over the world.  God said He would be with them in their dispersion and that in the last days He would regather them to their Promised Land again.  This regathering began in earnest during the late 19th century and continues being fulfilled today as more and more Jewish people return to their restored homeland.  A visitor to Israel today can see with their own eyes the amazing fulfillment of these Biblical prophecies.  So, while visiting all the wonderful places from Biblical history, also look around at the modern State of Israel, see the hand of God at work today, and realize, "Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep." (Ps. 121:4)

This page offers just a few photos from each of this Web Guy's visits to the Promised Land.

1982 - Backpacking in the Promised Land:

        Jerusalem - On the walls of The Old City                       Jerusalem - By The Eastern Gate


Jerusalem - On The Mount of Olives                   Jerusalem - On The Mount of Olives              

                            The Sea of Galilee                                           Tel Aviv - Mediterranean beach           

1989 - 2 weeks alone with God in Jerusalem:

                        Jerusalem - In The Old City          

  Jerusalem - On the Southern Steps of The Temple Mount

                Jerusalem - In an Old City Courtyard                

En Gedi waterfall

1997 - Church Group in Israel & Jordan:

                    Jerusalem - In The Old City                                            Jerusalem - By an Old City Gate

        Jerusalem - At The Wailing Wall                               Jerusalem - In the Western Wall tunnel     

Jerusalem - On The Temple Mount

                    Jordan - At Jerash                                                        Jordan - At Petra                    

Jordan - On Mount Nebo

2001 - Church Group in Israel & Egypt:

             Jerusalem - At Jaffa Gate              Jerusalem - On the Southern Steps of The Temple Mount

Jerusalem - On The Mount of Olives

                    Egypt - At The Great Pyramid

                        Egypt - On The Great Pyramid                    

                 Egypt - At the Mena House Hotel, Cairo             


2008 - Church Group in Israel:

                                                                                Jerusalem - On The Mount of Olives                                                       

                                              Baptism in the Jordan River

  On the Sea of Galilee

At a Bedouin Lunch                                       


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