This section of the Biblical Zionist website is intended to be the most complete study of the Biblical Borders of Israel that can possibly be done with the tools available.  It's the result of hundreds of hours sifting through maps, atlases, historical writings, websites, and such.  The focus here is on what God said the borders would be - and He did specify in great detail the borders of The Land He was promising to His Chosen People forever.  This isn't an historical study, so it doesn't look at the borders of Israel at any particular time in history, including today.  Usually their borders were less than God's designated borders.  For a time  during the reigns of David and Solomon, they controlled areas beyond God's designated borders.  Only once did the Bible state that Israel had all the land that God had promised to them (Joshua 21:43).  Let's see what The Bible says about those Borders...

    Listed under each of these topics is the text of every verse in The Bible where that topic is found:

  The Borders of Israel  
  The Borders of the 12 Tribes  
  The Borders of the 2-1/2 Tribes East of the Jordan  

In-depth look at each of the
specific Border locations:
 Geographic Details

Various Maps of The Borders of Israel: