Q. What do you mean by the word, "Zionist"?

A. "Zionist" simply means someone who supports the right of Israel to exist in their ancestral homeland.  It comes from the word, "Zion", which is used over 150 times in the Bible in reference to Jerusalem.  In this website, the word, "Zionist", isn't intended in any negative way.  It doesn't mean or imply anti-Arab, anti-Gentile, or anti-anyone else.  It's not a dirty word or contentious word except perhaps to those who hate Israel, hate Jews, hate God, or hate the Bible which declares God's love for Zion.  A "Biblical Zionist" is someone who supports the existence of Israel as a result of their faith in the Bible and the God of the Bible.

Q. Which translation of the Bible is used in this website and why?

A. Older translations of the Bible can be difficult to fully understand due to their use of words and phrases that have changed meaning over the years, or aren't even part of the English language anymore.  Contemporary English translations are much easier to understand, but copyright restrictions limit the extent to which they may be quoted in other publications, including websites.  This was a serious dilemma for "The Biblical Zionist" since most of this website consists of extensive lists of quotes from the Bible.  This dilemma was easily solved by the World English Bible (WEB).  The WEB is an accurate modern English translation of the Bible, based on the older, but highly regarded American Standard Version (ASV).  It's been created without copyright restrictions specifically for it's free use in websites and other media.  It's still undergoing revision for accuracy and readability, so it's not in it's final form yet.  The WEB has been used throughout this website.  In a very few cases where the WEB wording still seemed like it could be improved upon, the liberty was taken to use words or phrases based on research into the original languages and giving some consideration to how other highly regarded translations may have approached them. These edited verses are indicated by a "*" after the verses.  Look the verses in this website up in your preferred translation and you'll see that it says the same things.  Words and phrases highlighted with bold type simply draw attention to those parts of the verses that are most important to the subject at hand.

Q. What about others who would also claim The Promised Land as theirs?

A. This website is a "Biblical Resource", so it only seeks to report on what the Bible says about The Chosen People and The Promised Land.  Any other opinions on the subject are outside the scope of this website.  The Bible declares about 200 times that God gave that land to the Jews.  That subject is one of the longest pages on this website.  It should be pointed out that the Bible shows us in Joel 3:2 that God doesn't take kindly to those who "divided my land".  The Bible also shows us in Ezekiel 36:5 that He also doesn't take kindly to those nations "who have appointed my land to themselves for a possession".  God sets the borders of the nations, and gave land to other nations as He gave land to the Jews and specified the borders of The Promised Land.  He's God and He can do that.